Who Do We Really Love?

We are the personalized expressions of the consciousness of the divine Creator, existing eternally in our conscious awareness. We are unlimited in our conscious awareness and our creative ability. We live in a field of unconditional love and joy in conscious unity with our Creator. This is our true love.

We express ourselves through the vacuum fluctuation of the unified quantum field of all potentialities in our limited forms within the human experience on this Earth. We have created convincing boundaries to our awareness in order to make this experience as real as possible. Here we have been enticed into low-vibration dark energy to the point of finding out what suffering and death are like mentally and emotionally. In any other way we could not know these energies as deeply as we now do. We are gaining great wisdom through our incarnations here.

Now we have the opportunity to graduate from the lower-vibrational life by changing our perspective and understanding ourselves. In the quantum field we are energy Beings, each expressing ourselves in our personal energy signature, which vibrates with the energy that we radiate through our consciousness as our aura. This is our inner design studio for our life experiences. We direct the quality of design with the vibrational frequency of our thoughts and feelings. This ability is part of our essential Being as creators and has resulted in our creation of the vibratory resonance of everything we experience.

As the energy signature of our planet rises, as it is doing now, there is a leap in consciousness-frequency to a higher dimension. Humanity must participate in this expansion of consciousness and heart energy. Our higher abilities are needed for ourselves and for humanity. We can flow with the divine energy that we are now living in and expanding with. By recognizing our potential, we can experience our natural transformation more powerfully by intentionally opening to an expanded consciousness and attracting more high-frequency experiences.

As we intuitively connect emotionally with high-vibration feelings of compassion and love, we awaken our ability to recognize the radiance of all beings and the quality of their energy signatures. Our radiance affects everyone we encounter or have feelings about. We can have gratitude and compassion for everyone we have encountered and exchanged energy with, for their participation in our experiences. We have learned the nature of a wide spectrum of emotional vibrations. Our appreciation of unconditional love is now much deeper than before the human experience. We now know this forever.

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