WHO and UN plans for implementation of a pandemic

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

The centuries-long plan of those who have controlled a large portion of the Earth and humanity has nearly reached its conclusion of having absolute control of all of humanity through artificial intelligence and nano-chipping of everyone, by which they could make anyone think and do what the controllers want. The population would be completely compliant. Anyone not compliant would be eliminated. The AI computer of the controllers would know everything about everyone. Currently they have achieved this in parts of China. The 5-G wireless transmitters are operating, people are being vaccinated with nano-chips in the vaccine. Everyone is completely monitored and graded for compliance with the matrix program. The non-compliant are prohibited from travel, employment, hospitalization and much more.

Here is a good analysis of the world-wide plans, agreed to by 196 countries, for the release of two pandemics. The first is COVID-19, a rapidly-spreading lethal respiratory pathogen epidemic. The second is planned yet to come.

Here is the WHO and the World Bank report for the planned pandemic, released a month before the first Wuhan case appeared and has been implemented beginning in March, 2020:

The language used in this report is double-speak and seeks to convince humanity to comply with draconian measures and ultimately nano-chip enhanced vaccines that will enable central bank control of everyone. The WHO and UN will control every country politically, financially and socially through fear and intimidation.

Here is the 2005 report for the international health regulations:;jsessionid=1D41E95F2190C1E9104846934514823C?sequence=1

These reports tell us exactly what is planned by the controlling elite of the world for the large-scale extermination of humans and complete control of the remaining ones. There would be no escape, because any non-compliant country would be destroyed financially and unable to function, and the leaders would be terminated. These plans tell us that two pandemics will be released upon humanity. The first one was the Covid-19 in October, 2019. This one ended in May, 2020. In June, 2020, the second one was released with the intention of being deadly, but the powers of the Light diminished it so that it is no more lethal than ordinary flu.

Here is a link to an interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits regarding the Plandemic and related circumstances:

Although Pres. Trump has declared that the US will not participate in these plans and will no longer fund the WHO, he has been resisted by the Senior Executive Services members, appointed by pres. Obama, who vested them with the power not to be fired by any succeeding president, control every department of the government. Trump and the powerful military alliance behind him intend to eliminate all of these people.

There is a terminal fight for the freedom of humanity currently taking place behind the scenes of public awareness. Many of the controllers’ agents have been arrested for treason, human trafficking, child enslavement and worse. The leaders are still free, but not for long. This is happening in every country. The hidden agenda of the controllers is being brought into the light. Humanity will not permit this program to exist, if the people become consciously aware of it, before it can be more fully implemented, at which point there would be no escape, short of having a powerful outlaw section of the planet.

The plans of the WHO and UN are at odds with the increasing resonance of the Earth and all her life forms. Everything is changing, and over the next few years the energy on this planet will be much higher. No one needs to participate in this higher-frequency energy, but then they will continue their lives in the same way as currently, but on a different planet. Those who identify with the energy of the Earth spirit (Gaia) will live better and better lives, as everyone becomes more loving, kind, forgiving, thankful, and peaceful.

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