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Where Is Our Guidance?

What’s happening in our world? We’re facing calamities all over the planet. We’re facing all kinds of divisions with powerful polarities creating much oppositional energy in our emotional bodies. We’re witnessing the illumination of the dark ones. They’re revealing themselves more and more. Those who continue to defy the light will be in line for a trip to our Central Sun for transformation.

Since the dark ones have largely cut themselves off from their natural life-force, they must take our life force for their survival. This is energy theft, but we have the free will to withdraw our life force from them by withdrawing our permission for their attachment. They are emotional parasites. Realizing this is one step toward gaining freedom and objectivity.

Objectivity requires that we emotionally release all attachment to everyone and everything—possessions, family, finances, lifestyle, politics, religion and everything else that imposes limitations on our awareness, because of ego malfunction. We must release any preference for the outcome of any situation or desire. The ego needs to be neutral. Training may be required.

Our ego has been on his/her own for a long time, without higher guidance from within. (S)he needs to know that it is now safe from all threats and from everything that produces fear in us. We can relax into our eternal Being. Once the ego experiences the higher feelings, (s)he will be willing to observe and allow our mastery through our highly-developed intuition to be our creative expression.

Once we achieve objectivity, we can look at what’s happening as a reflection of our own consciousness. As our awareness expands, we begin to understand that our consciousness contains everyone and everything. On an energetic level, we are all connected in the plasma that permeates everything. It contains the essence of the Creator and provides the life force for everyone and everything to exist. It is contained in our consciousness.

As multi-dimensional beings, we can look from a high-vibrational perspective of objectivity and observe the play of the empirical realm, with its fury, chaos, passion, catastrophes and evil, as well as heart-felt experiences of love and joy, peace and understanding. We can let this realm play out it’s intended purpose of allowing us to feel as if we’re vulnerable, separate beings apart from our Source. Now we know what that’s like, and we’re over it. Time to awaken to awareness of this game of energies and to recognize our true identity of being all of the Creator. Everything is within our consciousness.

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