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When Thinking Comes from Knowing

As we feel attracted to the vibrations of our heart-consciousness, we can live in a state of knowing. This transforms our thinking processes. No longer do we need to think about survival or any negativity, freeing our mental processes to work on new and imaginative ideas that arise from our intuition. We no longer need idle thoughts. Absorbing ourselves in knowing our presence of awareness, we can allow our awareness to open into the timeless zone. This is the core space of creative consciousness, expressing itself through our personal vibrations.

On the way to knowing and deep understanding, we encounter every negatively-born limiting belief about ourselves, which have held us in fear and doubt, resulting in enslavement of varying degrees. When we resolve our attachments to limitations, we be open and receptive to our heart-consciousness. This level of awareness is beyond the mental processes of ego-consciousness, and we must be willing to go within to the place of knowing and understanding. There are many spiritual practices designed to help us do this. If we are open and aligned with our heart-consciousness, we are guided to everything we need to be present, in absolute confidence with unconditional love and joy in every moment. We can live in the radiance of infinite love and realization of our eternal essence.

The consciousness that provides our personal awareness is infinite and constantly expanding, as we and others like us constantly create new experiences of all kinds through our recognition and realization. With our free will, our thoughts and feelings, and our ability to realize what is real for us, we modulate the energetic patterns that we focus on, creating our own experiences. We live within our self-created frequency bands. When we expand our attention to more positive, higher frequencies, we no longer encounter negative frequencies.

Our heart-consciousness is entirely life-enhancing, and that’s what our lives become in every way when we align with it. This alignment comes with inner knowing, divine guidance and great wisdom. Thinking arises from realization and becomes an expression of gratitude. From a perspective of heart-consciousness, we can play compassionately with ego-consciousness, while remaining unattached to limitations.

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