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What’s Really Happening in the United States?

There is a final confrontation between the high-frequency light forces and the low-frequency dark energy. The dark is making its greatest ever thrust toward world control. This is happening world-wide. The country with sufficient resistance to overcome the dark energy is the U. S.

Despite appearances among the mass of citizens, the dark energy is being exposed for what it is, and people are becoming outraged at the evil intent. A trap was set to expose the entire group of dark actors. The dark energy cannot allow its exposure to the higher-frequency spectrum of light, which creates lethal interference for the lower frequency vibrations. In effect, the dark ones are terminating themselves during the next few months, as their truth becomes exposed. The dark actors need the life force of humanity to survive, because they have mostly cut themselves off from the life-force of the Creator. As we withdraw our support, we withdraw our life force from them.

There are millions of awakened people in the U. S., and their light is sufficient to raise the consciousness of the majority, because it is flowing with the power of the Creator, the power of love, joy, peace and abundance. This vibration is now the predominant frequency on our planet, and it’s getting stronger as more and more awaken to who we truly are as individualized aspects of our Creator.

When we realize our being can express itself in alignment with our heart energy, and we can use our imagination and our emotions creatively, we can begin to create our own recognition of a realm of love and beauty that we can inhabit. Actually, we’ve already created it, now we need to recognize it and feel ourselves enveloped in it.

This process begins in the U. S. and then happens world-wide. Once there is a strong nation that expresses true freedom, all other people will move in that direction, as they withdraw their life force from the dark and instead look toward the light.

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