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What’s Happening in Our World

Let’s look at the energetics of being. Everything is identifiable as having an electromagnetic wave pattern of frequency and wavelength. Everything exhibits consciousness of knowing its essence of what it is. That includes us. We know that we are conscious beings, and we can be aware of our presence as individual beings.

It may appear that we are separate entities, each with our own biological self. The energetic field, however, has no design for separation of being. There is only one vast plasma energetic field, out of which everything arises. This invisible field is alive with consciousness on a creative level. It responds to our energetic being by creating experiences for us that resonate with our own energy signature. Our composite frequencies vibrate in resonance with our predominant thoughts and emotional states.

To raise our energy signature vibrations, we feel peaceful and grateful for our presence and our situation. We imagine being in experiences in true love that never ends, and we feel joyous, fulfilled and wonderful in every way. These high-vibration thoughts and emotions are then used by the infinite field of all potentialities to create streaming experiences for us on the same frequency resonance that we imagined and felt. As we keep intending to expand our consciousness, we search our presence for wisdom and compassion and higher and better feelings for us to imagine and experience. Our lives transform into experiences of the kind that we have designed. Our outer life reflects the energy of our inner life. Believing is seeing.

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