What is Consciousness?

In quantum physics, consciousness provides the structure for everything. There is only One consciousness. I AM the same as consciousness, which is infinite. Each of us can recognize ourself as an individual self-aware presence of infinite consciousness.

Our current focus is the empirical world that we know through our senses. Consciousness holds so much more than the empirical realm. We can keep that focus as one of many dimensions that we choose to be in. The current empirical realm has a very weak level of joy. The presence of a high level of joy in my conscious awareness is the primary indication that I AM free to be in multi-dimensionality. We can live in constant joy while attuned to our present essence in the empirical realm. We can live without stress—ever—knowing that we’re playing a role in the empirical play, and we only need to follow our heart—the knowing of unconditional love, as we create the quality of our experiences in this realm. We now can know that I AM--the infinite One, the One who encompasses the deepest and most expansive awareness in each of us, within the consciousness of all that is. Our I AM is that consciousness, and so are all conscious beings. Their realms are included in the All.

We all have the capacity to be fully self-aware. There are many ways to be self-aware. Many conscious beings manifest as a group of individuals, often millions or more, all comprising a single conscious self-awareness of the species. That is how large schools of fish and flocks of birds all know how to choreograph their movements as a group. Each knows itself as the group being. We humans have a group consciousness, but are different. We have only one individual focus in this realm. We are all thought-forms in the One consciousness. We are holograms of energy. A hologram can be divided or multiplied infinitely, and each part of it contains the whole. Thus each of us has access to the consciousness of the whole, if we allow it.

We live on a planet that requires free-will arrangements. We can dwell in higher consciousness, if we choose that role. All is guided by unconditional love, which is the essence of the whole of consciousness.

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