What Do We Really Know About Ourselves?

Quantum physicists have discovered that everything participates in conscious awareness, beginning with all sub-atomic waves/particles. Everything that we know about exists in the nature of energy patterns that become material when we observe them and recognize what they are. Through our observation and recognition we create our material reality. There exists a realm of plasma-filled space of electromagnetic waves and patterns that can be recognized as anything we can imagine. This realm is known as the unified quantum field of all potentialities or the vacuum fluctuation with constantly flowing and changing patterns of waves of energy. This realm also contains the universal life force that enlivens all conscious entities and endows them with self-realization and unlimited awareness. Photons, for example, have been observed to know instantly the condition and operation of all photons everywhere that physicists could observe them. By extension we can know that we also have this universal consciousness, limited only by our beliefs about ourselves. This has been confirmed by many who have experienced out-of-body explorations, and they have also felt the unconditional love pervading everything.

We have been living as if we are separate beings without a connection to universal consciousness and life force. We have been taught that we are nothing more than mortal beings, subject to many kinds of threats and suffering. Religions have offered us respite in an afterlife of reward or punishment, depending on whether we believe what they tell us. How do we know what is true about our nature?

Quantum physics has implied that everything we experience is a reflection of what we are aware of within our own consciousness. This means that we share universal awareness, we can be aware of the awareness of all beings with only the limitations that we impose or allow to be imposed upon us. These limitations have kept our awareness locked into a Matrix of energetic patterns of low vibrations of anomalous, incoherent energy. We have believed that we can get sick, be disabled, suffer and die. But we can penetrate our innermost being to learn the truth of our Being and ultimately become aware that we can participate in consciousness encompassing the entire cosmos.

Many masters throughout history have taught us how to be aware of the intuitive guidance and knowing of our heart, how to build up our life force, to regenerate our bodies, to be aware of our eternal Being. We are not mortal and need not dependent upon anyone or anything for our well-being and enjoyment of life. We have the innate ability to create whatever we want in our perspective of authentic Self-realization. We are embodiments of the intelligence and Being of the Creator of all that exists. We can live in love and joy as we use our creative abilities to support and enhance all of life. In our essence, we are all the same Being, each of us having our own special talents to create experiences for ourselves and the Creator, within whose consciousness we dwell forever.

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