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We Can Know Divine Guidance

We have the ability to transform all of our beliefs that are based in fear and that keep us from knowing our universal consciousness. We’ve adopted those beliefs about ourselves in order to participate in the vibratory spectrum of humanity. When we’re ready to expand our consciousness, we can intentionally flow love and gratitude to our ego for giving us amazing experiences of low vibrations that we could never have had without this limited consciousness. We can love our ego beyond fear and into love and peacefulness. We can be aware of our natural intuitive guidance from the conscious life force that flows through our heart. This is subtle, high-vibration energy. In order to be aware of it, we must search ourselves for it. It is what we deeply know, apart from any beliefs about anything. It is a perspective of knowing in every moment. In this perspective, we can instruct and guide our ego in negotiating our interactions in the empirical world.

We can reclaim all of the life force that we’ve become accustomed to issuing to low-vibration agreements and fixations. In our natural state, we have an intense flow of life force, if we stay centered and grounded in alignment with the rising vibratory frequency of the Earth. We do not need to believe that we can get sick, age and die. These are all low-vibration energy patterns. These patterns are held in our awareness by our belief in mortality. Our beliefs are deeply held in our psyche, but we can recognize them and transform them into light through our gratitude for the experiences they allowed us to have, and that we no longer desire to have. Now we know what the realm of fear feels like and how it depletes us.

When we’re ready to find fulfillment in everything, we can return to our essential presence of Being, beyond the empirical realm. This is where we can find our true passions and everything and everyone that we love the most. This is the natural spectrum of energy that we resonate with, when we realize what it is.

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