We Can Choose Greatness

In this dimension we are free to choose to live in love or fear, poverty or abundance. We live in a quantum field of energy patterns, which we shape with our conscious awareness. Our early social programming, environmental influences and conscious manipulation have shaped our perspectives in ways that many of us are unaware of. Few of us have consciously chosen to live in dire circumstances, and once we are in the grip of survival crisis situations, we find it very difficult to change our perspective, because we are emotionally locked in fear. We react dysfunctionally. But there is a higher reason for this. If we can recognize that our situation, whatever it may be, is completely of our own making, we may be able to realize how to transform ourselves.

No one else has the power to impose anything upon us without our personal permission. In our essential being, we cannot be physically or psychologically hurt, threatened, shamed, even killed unless we have agreed to this either voluntarily, through trickery or intimidation or on a soul level prior to our incarnation. If it is a soul decision, it is because we want a special experience to learn how something feels, usually because we’ve caused this situation for another being and need to know how it feels.

Whatever is our experience, we have the innate ability to extract ourselves from any low vibration situations through our strong intention to immerse ourselves in the energy of our heart and to recognize our personal sovereignty so powerfully, that we raise the vibrations of our energy signature. Energy has a magnetic attraction for other energy in the same or similar frequency band. This higher frequency results in our experiencing a higher quality of life.

Our emotional state always controls the spectrum of vibrations of our energy signature. By intentionally feeling elevating emotions, we create elevating experiences for ourselves. In this process, we need the cooperation of our ego, who needs to be loved and thanked for his/her service while we have been asleep at the wheel. The ego may now be the observer, able to respond when asked. (S)he is to watch as we create powerful emotional neutrality and peace, gratitude, deepest love, compassion and joy. This immediately raises our energy signature to align with the vibrations that generate those feelings. In this way we can transform our lives into a higher dimension of vibrations and resulting experiences.

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