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We Can Be Our True Selves

In our essence we are the embodiment of love in its most beautiful expression. Although most of us do not allow ourselves to realize this, the reality is present for us to know. This knowing comes when we align our sense of presence with our creative ability. What is real for us is what we recognize and believe in our conscious awareness. Our reality is created in our own consciousness.

We live in a spectrum of energy patterns that arise in the quantum field of all potentialities. This is a plasma of electromagnetic energy patterns formed in universal consciousness, which we participate in as personalized self-aware presence that expresses itself through the modulation of the patterns of energy in our recognition. The creative consciousness that underlies all of existence is our own consciousness. We are the creators of universes, and we have made aspects of ourselves small and limited in consciousness to experience life on this planet in a state of amnesia of our true being, so that we could experience the limitations in being that would be impossible for us in our natural state. From this state of conscious boundaries we are now awakening and realizing our true Being.

Although we have devised a path of destiny for ourselves, we are free to change this at any time. We have gathered enough experience in our limited expressions of being to know the energies that we prefer to live in. We all want to live in the greatest fullness and expansiveness of life. We want lives filled with loving and devoted friends and the greatest love we can express and receive in our hearts. This is possible for all of us. It is the expression of our true Being. To experience this all we need to do is resolve and dismiss from our consciousness all of our fears and feelings of being less than who we really are. These are all anomalies in our energy signatures. If we can bring all of our energies into alignment with the highest and best feelings and thoughts that we can imagine, we can transform ourselves into our naturally unconditionally loving and joyous Being and live miraculous lives of fulfillment and beauty.

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