We Are Transformational Beings

Because we are of the same essence as our Creator, every moment of our lives is a moment of creation. Most of us, however, are largely unconscious creators. We must begin to recognize what our consciousness is capable of and how we’re currently using it.

When we move through life reacting emotionally to every situation we find ourselves in, we are recreating the quality of that situation in our experience. We can recognize what is happening, what our conscious self is doing. Do we feel attacked? Do we feel shamed, insulted, angry, depressed, robbed, anxious or afraid? All of that arises from a pretend self-image. We’re here to know deeply how all of that feels, so that we can forever compare it to our true self and not be led back into the dark side.

By now many of us have had enough of the dark experience, and it’s clear that we prefer the light. Once we know that we are responsible for creating every moment of our lives, we pay attention to how everything feels. If there’s a tinge of fear, we change our attention to higher-vibration feelings and thoughts. Our true self has no fear. We know deep within that we are sovereign eternal beings. We cannot be hurt or threatened, because we are eternal patterns of quantum energy. A portion of us is embodied and has many false limitations within our conscious awareness. Our awareness usually resides in this false self that is completely identified with the physical body.

By paying attention to our emotions, we can let ourselves feel our way into the emotions that we most love and want to live in. We can expand our imagination exponentially to experience a realm of peace, love, abundance, compassion and joy. Going into this space a few times every day clears the path to alignment with the divine Self. Our experience at this point is changing to a higher-frequency spectrum of life, and we are becoming more radiant with much deeper understanding.

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