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We Are the One

In the empirical world, everyone is given to believe that we each have a consciousness that is separate from everyone else. Some of us, however, innately know this cannot be, because we can read the thoughts and feeling of others, not only humans, but also animals and other beings and even so-called inanimate things. This innate ability expresses itself in each of us, if we invite it and drop all of our psychological blocks that inhibit our awareness. It implies that consciousness is shared. Often we can more easily communicate telepathically with animals, who normally have no blocks to inhibit their awareness.

If we can be aware of the energetic being and its expressions in each other, we can also share our own thoughts and feelings with others by intentionally sending them the scenario in our energy signature of the moment. If they are open to it, they will become aware of what they received. We all feel each other’s vibe, our presence, when we are attentive, because we meet in a resonant vibration. It may be a vibration that we really like, even if we haven’t felt it before. We can give each other a presence of being that elevates us and expands awareness of our heart energy. It is this spectrum of frequency that interchanges well with animals and plants.

From all of these experiences, we realize that there is only one universal consciousness shared by all conscious beings. This is the same consciousness that expresses life force for all beings and provides our essential being, which expresses itself as our energy signature. It is our energy signature that we feel as each other’s presence. The universal consciousness can be called the conscious One, whose life essence we are. Unless we impose limits upon ourselves through our beliefs and perspectives, our Being is unlimited in every way. We are free to use our imagination and emotions in any way that we choose, creating new experiences for ourselves constantly. We’ve been doing this forever, even though we’re often not aware of it, but this is who we are. We are the creators of our experiences within the universal consciousness of the One original and eternal Creator, who experiences our experiences.

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