We are the Divine One

Jesus told us that everything he could do, we could do as well, and even more. But how many Christians really believe that? Let’s assume he was speaking the truth. If we can create miracles and instant healing and much more, why aren’t we doing it? What kind of being must we be in order for this to happen? Who are we, really?

Here is what is proposed by esoteric spirituality as well as modern quantum physics. There is one source for all life, which is an energy configuration created by a universal consciousness. In order for life to be present, there must be a constant stream of life force flowing from the universal consciousness. This life stream carries the complete consciousness of the universal one, the source of all being. All conscious beings participate in this life stream, which constantly guides and inspires each being. Humans have been endowed in a unique way. We have free-will personal self-awareness. Other beings have other unique abilities. With the universal life stream flowing into us constantly, we are designed to direct this energy with our minds and emotions, constrained only by our deepest beliefs and fears and the mind of the ego, the limited presence we have created out of fear and manipulation.

The consciousness of the One flows into our hearts, where we are aware of our true being, our presence, our unique energy signature. In order to access its guidance and power, we must be in alignment with its energy spectrum, which we feel as unconditional love, joy and compassion.

Lower vibrational thoughts and emotions cannot access this presence and all of its capabilities, because they exist in a different, lower frequency spectrum of energy, where our creative capabilities perspectives and beliefs are self-limiting.

In order to know our true being and be able to create miracles, we must awaken to everything that blocks our awareness of our infinitely expanding universal consciousness. This is what Jesus meant for us to be. We become aware of the presence of the divine within us.

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