We Are the Creators

In our deepest consciousness we are all One. We are the same consciousness expressed as individualized self-aware energy centers or persons. We are in essence creator beings. We haven’t yet been able to manifest our true creative power, because we could not trust ourselves to think and feel through our heart consciousness.

Now we are beginning to identify with our heart consciousness and can begin to trust that we recognize ourselves as our higher selves, who are heart-centered. We are compassionate, loving and strong.

Our thoughts, powered by our emotions, create our personal experiences, which can change frequently now. We intend to follow our intuition always, regardless of whatever may appear to be happening outside. We expand our awareness just by being aware without limits. Focus and emotional empowerment through the heart consciousness create an expression into experience as soon as we recognize its essence with confidence. To some extent we create with every thought and feeling from small to expanded energy waves. All are creative from small up to beyond our imagination. We are the creators of it all.

Only a small amount of our creative power has been available to us because of the quality of intent in our awareness. Many of us have not been living in our heart consciousness.

By being intentional, whenever we’re consciously present in our awareness, we can be in our heart consciousness. That is who each of us is naturally. With great confidence, having transformed all fear, we are kind, loving and joyous. Our intent is to express our higher selves in every thought and emotion, knowing we are creating the kind of experiences that we imagine. The greater our confidence in our visions, the closer we attract them into our experiences.

Our limitations are all self-imposed, because we have free choice to think and feel however we’re motivated and to believe whatever we want. Our complete satisfaction, though, occurs when we’re in our heart consciousness, and we’re doing what we love, because that’s what we imagined. And we move deeper in knowing who we are as creators.

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