We Are Magnetic Energy Beings

Are we really victims of our circumstances? Do we have to live at a much lower enjoyment of abundance than we prefer? Is our health less than optimal? Is God seemingly unjust in meting out experiences to us?

Everything operates on magnetism. We are essentially energy beings held in a spectrum of vibration by our consciousness. This is our unique energy signature. It appears as our predominant mental and emotional vibratory levels. Our energy signature determines the quality of our experiences. Like attracts like energy. We inhabit and continuously create with our being. We create experiences for ourselves. The quality of our imaginings and emotions create a reflection of their vibrations in what appears before us as our experience in the empirical world.

We do not need a Judge to determine our wavelength of being. We have all the awareness we need to know where we are energetically. In a hypnotic state, we can ignore all of this and just convince ourselves that we’re separate beings without sufficient viable support. We just assume that life is unfair and that we’re flawed beings, unaware of other dimensions of frequency.

If we want to be keenly aware of the energy spectrum we’re in, we just need to pay attention in a completely open way. How we feel in our heart gives us our true magnetic attraction to higher frequencies. By following what feels best, we may intend to be in the most wonderful circumstances, and we attract abundance in every aspect of life into our magnetic level, for this is our natural state. We were created to be well cared-for.

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