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We Are Creator Consciousness

Ancient bodies of teaching about life report that the cause of everyone and everything that exists originated with a Supreme Creator, a Self-Conscious Being. Out of this Conscious Being everything that has form arises. These teachings do not talk about time.

Quantum physics has now discovered the mechanics of how this can be. Physicists have found that everything that exists consists of energy patterns arranged within an unlimited number of frequencies and patterns. They call this realm the quantum field or vacuum fluctuation of all potentialities. The quantum field is the expression of a creating consciousness that is probably infinite. Everything arises from this consciousness and is created in the quantum field. This creating consciousness creates fractals of itself. Everything is a complete expression of its creator. Every sub-atomic particle/wave displays knowledge of its self-identity and universal consciousness outside of time and space. The quantum field is timeless and has no place. It is all things that can have an energy pattern or form.

In the quantum field all things concurrently exist now. There is no past or future. Every possibility is now. All creation is in the present moment, as is dissolution. What happens in our experience is what we choose to recognize. Nothing materializes for us, unless we recognize it consciously or subconsciously. Our recognition modulates the vibrations of the energy that we focus on, so that the energy patterns immediately spin on a subatomic level, creating the world we perceive as empirical. This world is held in recognition by the constant awareness of humanity.

The physical world is patterns of energy that we recognize. We can recognize what we experience as empirical. We can also recognize what we imagine we are experiencing. Because we are fractals of the Creator, we are constantly creating with our state of being, the vibratory frequencies of what we think about and feel. In our self-consciousness we are timeless, whether we realize we are in the body or out. We are the consciousness that creates everything.

Although we’ve limited our self-awareness to the spectrum of energies that we share with humanity, our true Being is the consciousness of the Creator. In our consciousness we can be as expansive as we want to go. We are unlimited and can express ourselves concurrently in many dimensions. Realizing our true abilities requires recognition. Our creative ability does not require effort, because it’s part of our Being. The frequency of our energy signature attracts persons and situations that are compatible in vibrations. In this way we determine the quality of our lives.

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