We Are Complex Energy Beings

Pure divine Being flows through us eternally, limited only by our own beliefs and fears.

Incarnation on Earth is accompanied by complete amnesia regarding our true being. We are here to experience a reality of apparent separation of being, separation from our Source. Even in the major religions, God is imagined as separate from us. This is logically impossible. How could the Source of our life force be separate from us? We would have no life. Because most of us are programmed to be unaware of our telepathic ability, it is not obvious that we share one universal consciousness with our Creator.

Yet it is known that there are spiritual masters, who have transcended the limitations of the empirical world. In Hawaii, where I live, they have left their footprints in the rock and have walked with impunity across flowing rivers of red-hot lava. They have performed miraculous healings. They work in higher frequency timelines that can intersect and change the empirical world.

Everything is energy, electrical and magnetic, and we are designed to create experiences with this energy of being. We can explore the entire spectrum of frequencies to find out what they feel like. Low frequencies are of feelings of separation, pain and terror. High frequencies are of love, joy and peace. We are here to be adventuresome and accumulate as many experiences as we can, until we absolutely know what we deeply love.

We are aware of everything within the spectrum of frequency that we dwell within. In deepest love we align with our true Being and enjoy all of the qualities of our Creator. In our essence we have unlimited abilities of every kind. All is available in the divine life that flows constantly through our heart.

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