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We Are Being Guided to What We Love the Most

We live in a most benevolent time of elevating energies of love and enjoyment of one another and of our environment. Our Sun is brightening along with us, as is Gaia, our Earth Spirit. This is clear on the etheric and causal planes of vibration and is now beginning to manifest on the material empirical world. Because of the current exact alignment of our Sun and Earth with the galactic center, we are receiving direct energetic flow from our Central Sun. The Earth has settled into her magnetic center and is inviting us to do so with our own magnetic center in the heart of our Being. This is the energy that we are being drawn into, and it is the natural vibratory spectrum of our multidimensional consciousness, with awareness far deeper and beyond the spectrum of time/space.

As we begin to awaken to the greatness of who we are, our beliefs in smallness and mortal life begin to dissolve and become unbelievable in our expanding awareness. We do not need to pay attention with our life force to any kind of negativity or limitation. Each limit to our awareness on every level must come under examination, in a search for its true basis. Why do we have our limitations? They keep our realization within the parameters needed to create the dualistic empirical world as real for us. Without our limitations, we can realize that we are our infinite presence of awareness. Our consciousness is part of universal consciousness, the consciousness of the Creator of our universe and beyond. It is beyond our limited imagination, but it is something that we innately know, because it is who we are beyond our limiting beliefs about ourselves.

We can realize that our heart is the center of our Being, and we know that its vibrations are many times more powerful than the vibrations of our brains, but we have reversed our attention from our intuitive heart to our ego-mind, which works through our brain. The mind has physical limitations that the energy of the heart transcends. The heart does not think, it just knows, because it is our channel to universal consciousness. The ego mind cannot imagine the greatness of who we are and it must be transcended for us to have Self Realization. When we imagine our heart’s desires, people whose vibrations we love come into our experiences, and we can live where we are most attracted. This happens naturally, when we allow it in complete confidence and gratitude.

Through the brightest beings in our galaxy and beyond, there is guidance that is flowing to us. It comes through the quantum field in the form of celestial and solar bursts of positive, high-frequency vibrations of photons, who are quantum beings of light. Surrounding and interpenetrating us, these gamma rays are elevating the conscious awareness and vitality in every cell of our bodies and all aspects of our self-awareness, if we allow it. We are being enveloped in attractive energy that is enhancing our own heart energy and offering us infinite and unconditional love and joy, filling our awareness and our life experiences with abundance, freedom and realization of our eternal presence of awareness with infinite creative ability in our lives now.

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