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We Are All Potential Masters of the Universe

If we want to manifest mastery of this empirical world, we must acknowledge and trust that we are beings of divine consciousness. In order to experience fully the human condition, we had to be deprived of knowing our true identity, so that we could suffer like poverty-stricken, terrorized victims, fearful of being deprived of life and well-being. We had to feel separate from the source of our being, able to know the darkest, most hopeless and evil sides of life. Once we have experienced these things, we know that we’ve had enough of them, and we will always want to be in the vibrations of light, love and joy.

What actually is unconditional love? It is a warm radiance of electromagnetic energy, manifesting as light and supporting the existence of all that is. It is creative enhancement of life, and it aligns with the most joyful emotion that we can feel. It is the natural expression of our conscious essence.

Our true being is without beginning and without end. We are eternal, infinitely powerful creators, fractals of the One divine Creator. How can we believe this, when we inhabit seemingly fragile bodies, and we’ve been taught by nearly everyone and every experience in our environment that we are limited, weak, shameful beings, just like everyone else? We have believed that we have to work or cheat to make money to support ourselves. We have believed that we need to be redeemed from our sinful selves by a separate God and Savior, even though all religions teach that God is within us, and that we can be capable masters of our lives.

Our truth is now being revealed, as the resonant frequency of the Earth rises, and the incoming gamma ray photons transform our DNA back to its original 12-strand essence, with all the capabilities of ascended masters. We are beginning to realize that we are all part of the universal consciousness of the One, which highly telepathic and intuitive people have always known. Through our realization of our divine consciousness, we can create everything we need and desire.

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