Vibrating into Universal Consciousness

Quantum sciences have identified universal consciousness as the source of all that exists. Science has not been able to quantify this consciousness entirely, because consciousness exists in every dimension and plane of existence. It is not bound by the limitations of science or materiality. And yet we can know its essence, because it is our own essence.

Traditional human understanding of consciousness has a resonant frequency limited by fear. We fear pain, suffering and the threat of termination of being. We create these threats that stimulate fear, in order to realize that they have no essence apart from our own fear. Our fears give our life force to these threats, which attracts energy patterns that align with our fears for us to experience.

By intentionally changing our perspective to higher frequencies, we stop creating fearful experiences. We become able to open our awareness in every moment to unbounded, joyful realms beyond our imagination. We can use our imagination and creative emotions to stretch our reality toward realizing our timeless essence of Being. We reach for the vibrational spectrum of everyone and everything that we love the most.

We are Beings of light. We glow with a radiant aura of photons empowered through the light of our heart. This is our natural essence, along with our emotional alignment with unconditional love. We become able to be aware of the high-frequency life force of the Creator flowing through everyone. We may choose to interact only with the light of the Creator in all our encounters. We know the messages of this inner light in our intuition. We can perceive the world of humanity from a spectrum of vibrations in a higher dimension, where there is only love and compassion for the human drama.

We can jump beyond our traditional awareness into our eternal Self-consciousness in any moment by being completely present in our awareness without limits, as we open ourselves to our natural state of Being, vibrating through the energy of our heart.

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