Vaccines and Multi-Dimensions

Regarding Covid-19 possibly mandatory vaccines: According to the Nuremburg Code in international law, I have the absolute right over my body. No one can violate that. We could not possibly know all the effects and side-effects of the new vaccines. That means we cannot rationally or spiritually accept a vaccine without knowing the absolute totality of the effects. Even one effect, such as the attribute of changing the DNA of the recipient, can have catastrophic results physically, mentally, emotionally and ethericaly.

We are not one-dimensional beings. We are multi-dimensional with our focus and our attention. We can easily dream into other dimensions. We can also shift our consciousness intentionally into higher and higher vibrations by going deeper into our heart energy that constantly flows from our Source Being. We can feel this energy in our innate knowing. We just have to recognize it. It comes with the feeling of joy, which grows as we align our consciousness with it. We become conscious intentionally by being aware of the emotional quality in the flow of this energy. By staying in this emotional flow, we transform our lives in alignment with the design of our innermost being as humans. We live in an etheric plasma of unconditional love.

We have the opportunity now to move out of the Matrix held in fear and into a more wonderful realm. The former mind-control systems have ended, and we are now free to imagine the universe. The only limitations to our expanding consciousness are in our own psyche. If we can bring them up for examination, we can dissolve them.

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