Utilizing Our Creative Essence

We can be the sufficient peacemakers to create peace on Earth. We can reclaim sovereignty for humanity. This is the directional flow of the rising vibrations of the Earth and our surrounding cosmos. Everything is changing in vibrational levels. The world of fear is having its life force withdrawn, as we vibrate in a higher spectrum of energy in which there is no fear. In its higher sense, it is the realm of the eternal present moment in universal consciousness. This is where we can know the true Being of every person in existence, because we all arise from universal consciousness.

In our essential present awareness, we are all participating in the same consciousness. We are the Being Who is always creating everything and everyone. We are in the constant awareness of a higher Being, whose awareness is our conscious life force, and whose essence is unconditional love for all. We are that Being in our personal essence, our expanding Self-awareness. We are our eternal presence of awareness, beyond time and space and embodiment. With our imaginations and emotions, we have the ability to create patterns of energy that become experiences for us.

As we elevate our vibrations, we elevate our life experiences, regardless of what kind of energy we encounter. In the interaction of high- and low-vibrating energies, the high-frequency energies will either attract the low-frequency energies into a higher alignment or they will destabilize the lower frequencies, which will pass into a lower dimension, outside of the higher-frequency spectrum. If we stay in the higher frequencies, we encounter only high-frequency experiences in our Being. In recognizing low-frequency energy patterns, we can transform them by sending them our acceptance, compassion, and love from the perspective of compassionate understanding.

We control our lives by how and where we send our life force and how we interact with the energies we have sent out by our thoughts and feelings. Our energetic signature radiates out photons that express our energy. The vibratory radiance of these photons attracts energy patterns that align with us. This is how we feel the presence of each other and know when our vibrations are in alignment.

By aligning with peace and love, we send our life force into these vibrations and empower them to radiate out to humanity and the cosmos. These energies are in alignment with the conscious intent of the Creator, whose vibrations are always life-enhancing. By using our consciousness in this way, we greatly empower the energies of peace and love among humanity and our planet.

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