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Using Our Emotions for Transformation

Every vibration has an identifiable feeling. By controlling our emotional state, we are choosing the vibratory spectrum that we wish to experience. We choose every moment, either consciously or sub-consciously. Through intentionally entering high-vibratory imaginings and feelings, we can train our sub-conscious to come into alignment with us. By holding ourselves at the vibratory level that we love and are grateful for, we begin to feel those vibrations around and within us and in others around us. As our outer experiences come into resonance with us, the others around us may change, as they are drawn into our vibratory resonance.

If we are experiencing the limitations of ego-consciousness, none of this makes sense. If we want to understand and realize a truly wonderful life, we must resolve our fear of suffering and death. These are the basic beliefs that enable our ego-consciousness and support all of our limiting beliefs about ourselves. Giving them reality for us happens in our attention and vibratory alignment. By changing our awareness to energetic patterns of gratitude and life-enhancement, we stop giving our life force to negative energetics.

By creating and staying in a vibratory range of gratitude and joy, we can become aware of our inner prompting and knowing. This is the presence in our awareness of deepest feeling, knowing and understanding. We can be aware of our essence beyond time and space, as a non-localized and individualized presence of awareness, arising within infinite consciousness. This awareness has unlimited creative power that can be used in alignment with the vibrations of our heart-consciousness. When we’re in this alignment, we feel this connection deeply.

As our inner awareness clarifies, our intuition becomes our primary and constant guidance, connecting us to the consciousness of our guides and angels and the consciousness of the Creator. Living as an expression of our greater Self results in mastery of the 3D world. By living in alignment with our deepest inner knowing, we can always consciously choose to feel ourselves in a state of gratitude, love and joy, giving us a powerfully radiant presence and a life that is fulfilling in every way.

Currently we are spanning two worlds—the positive and the negative. Our free will allows us to choose either polarity, and we do, in every moment. We can be observers of the negative, but it’s been customary for us to get sucked into a fixation with it. Staying in gratitude and joy is the transformative energy that carries us into a higher dimension in our present awareness.

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