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Unlimiting Our Conscious Awareness

In uniting with our higher Selves, we can feel the most wonderful and deepest love, more than we can imagine. It is beyond time and space in the enveloping quantum field as energy patterns that we can recognize. When we do, they transform our awareness beyond the empirical world. Our emotional nature can help guide us into higher vibrations of thinking and living. By our ability to focus our attention where we choose, we can bring our emotions into more wonderful states of feeling through intending to be grateful and joyful. These are the vibrations of the infinite Creator consciousness. They stimulate genius abilities beyond the physical and can be brought into manifestation in our physical experiences by our recognition of their reality.

To recognize higher-vibration energy patterns, we must clear ourselves of personal interests based in fear or its potential. We can know that we are our eternal present awareness with unlimited creative abilities. We can know everything about what we focus on, when we are aligned with our greater Self, because we have access to universal consciousness. This is attainable for all of us, because it is who we truly are, and we can know this through our intuition.

We are awakening to the possibility that we are more than our empirical body presence in the compartmentalized consciousness of humanity. We are more than our beliefs will allow. If we can resolve them all, we can attain clarity of Being, because it is only our intentions and limiting beliefs that keep us within the limited conscious energy spectrum of humanity. All of our beliefs were created from fear. They have a negative polarity. These energy patterns were created and remain in place by the recognition of all of us, but we don’t have to remain in this dimension exclusively.

We can expand our awareness greatly into higher dimensions of greater clarity and brilliance. We can enter the vibratory spectrum of gratitude and compassion. In this vibratory resonance we can experience life on this planet from a perspective of deepest enveloping love and joy. Every situation that we face is a communication between our ego-conscious self and our Creator essence, which is our inner guidance. The ego self needs our deepest gratitude, love and assurance of being. It is part of our personal Self-awareness, and it can now relax and observe. Its role is complete, and we have learned what we needed, to develop our wisdom and compassion.

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