Unleashed Beauty and Joy

As embodied beings on Earth, we have agreed to subject ourselves to all of the limitations to our conscious awareness that are within the frequency range of the energy spectrum of humanity. Those limitations are now to be transcended by all who have had enough of the spectrum of energy that humanity has operated within. Humans are graduating to a higher-frequency spectrum of energy and life.

We are returning to a state of recognition of our essential Being. We can come to a state of peacefulness and emotional neutrality with the help of deep, rhythmic breathing while at the same time feel ourselves filling with greater awareness of our Selves. This feels like an expansion into deepest love and gratitude. It feels like compassion for our ego self for all of the struggles we have gone through as limited-conscious beings. By resolving all of our beliefs about ourselves, as they come into our awareness through challenges to them, we can understand ourselves through compassion and wisdom. There is no fault, judgment or blame. It has all just been experience for us to know what it’s like to live in the lower vibrations of life as humans.

Now we have the opportunity to live in a high-vibration human experience. We get to this level of vibrations by being in high-vibration emotions and imaginings. It helps to be in nature, especially in spectacular places, calm places, high-energy places, whatever is attractive to us for centering and balancing ourselves in alignment with the energies of the essence of the Earth. We all have our own ways of finding this inner space of just being present in our awareness. Here we have no boundaries or limitations. As we open ourselves to infinity, our consciousness can expand as far as we want to go.

Together with the Spirit of the Earth, we are creating a fully-regenerated most beautiful planet of living energies in a wonderful dimension. This is where we can live in peace and kindness, sharing the great consciousness that creates the unified quantum field and everything that exists. The Creator extends Him/Her/It Self as us. Each of us is a fractal expression of unlimited conscious awareness in a state of unconditional love and joy.

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