Unity Consciousness is Our True Being

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

We all recognize that we are self-conscious beings. How all-encompassing can our consciousness be? In itself, consciousness has no limits, but it is limited by our personal awareness, which is our ego. If we want to expand our personal awareness, we need to recognize our limitations from a higher-frequency perspective, because the ego may not be able to know its limitations. How can one know what one does not know? The path to expansion is to be aware of higher-frequency vibrations within one’s own being. These we feel through our emotions of joy, love and compassion. As we intend to feel for those emotions, we draw them to our awareness. From this perspective we can recognize the limitations of our personal awareness and transform them into pathways to expansion by raising the frequency of our emotions. As we become more loving and joyful, we become aware of the presence of other beings in our own presence. Everything seems to be conscious, and this consciousness is filled with joy, compassion, love and peace, and it is everywhere. We live within it, and we encompass it at the same time. The universal consciousness is also the life force that gives us our conscious awareness. It flows through our heart energy. Potentially we are unlimited in our conscious awareness, and we share this awareness with anyone we focus on, or who focuses on us. We are our consciousness awareness.

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