Understanding the World We Inhabit

According to quantum physics, the world of our empirical senses is a complex structure of energy patterns that we all recognize and interpret as the reality of human experience. This conscious recognition could be no more substantial in its essence than a hologram. All of our senses are being stimulated by the vibrations that are within their operating energetic patterns. We have cooperatively created the forms and qualities of all of it by the operations of our consciousness. Everything we observe is a projection of our own consciousness. Without our conscious interpretation of wave patterns and vibrations, there would just be energy that we don’t recognize. Then where would we be. We would not be aware of anything, except our awareness. This is who we are. If we ever get to this place, it will change all of our false beliefs about ourselves.

We’re not finished evolving and expanding by knowing our true identity within the limits of our ego awareness. There is more. We exist with our personal energy signature in the unified quantum field. How do we find our way around, when we don’t know anything except who we are? We use our imagination and our emotions. We create the quality of our life and let the quantum field fill in the resonant experiences. We can also create forms and scenarios. Everything we see on TV and in the movies is a creation of someone’s imagination and emotional involvement. We all do this all the time, without knowing what we’re doing. Humans believe that everything happens haphazardly, and that we’re vulnerable to tragedy. And so it is, only it is not true. It’s what is believed that creates the recognition and interpretation.

What would life be like without beliefs and interpretations about ourselves? Would we be anybody? We might not have a body. We can, if we want one. We can create it in any form or kind of being that we want, and we will be attracted to the realm where others are similar. We will be living in the field of unlimited potentiality, in which we can experience anything our heart imagines.

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