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Understanding the Basic Principles of Our Lives

From experiments in quantum physics, we know that there is universal consciousness that all sub-atomic wave/particles participate in. Photons, for example, can be in many places at the same time, and they know where they all are and what their status is, even if they’re separated by light years apart. They are multi-dimensional and are not bound by space and time, but they can exist within space and time.

They are part of our physical and psychic structure, giving us their attributes of multi-dimensionality and participation in universal consciousness, able to live unbounded within space and time. Although we inhabit an empirical aspect of consciousness, we are not bound within it, even though, from within it, it appears as if we are. Since our bindings are all self-imposed in the form of limiting beliefs about ourselves, we have the ability to free ourselves in our awareness. Through our imagination and emotions, we can transcend our current circumstances and transform our lives into whatever we desire.

Universal consciousness is guided by an intelligence that we can call the Creator. Everything and everyone that exists is a fractalized expression of the Creator’s consciousness. Since we have self-realization, we participate in creative ability by the operations of our psyche. Consciousness expresses itself in energetic patterns of electromagnetic waves. Our thoughts operate electrically, and our emotions operate magnetically. Both conjoin to form energetic patterns of polarity and frequency. Within the empirical spectrum, they manifest as experiences for us.

By our mental and emotional alignment with energetic patterns, we create our life experiences. Our predominant thoughts and feelings radiate their energy into the quantum field of all potentialities and attract compatible energetic patterns that we recognize and bring into manifestation in our experience. It is our recognition that enables them to become real for us. We can control our experiences through the focus of our attention and calling forth our emotions.

As we learn how to choose and control our thoughts and emotions, we can control our state of being, resulting in the mastery of our life experiences. In this process we are guided in the most loving and joyous ways by our intuition, once we decide to become sensitive and aware of it. We can come into an understanding of how life works and how to master ourselves.

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