Understanding Physical Death

Our current experiential realm is one of many dimensions that we exist in. Anyone who has had a near-death experience or any other kind of experience of being our same conscious selves somewhere other than in our body, knows that we are self-aware beings in or out of the body. Some of us have traveled in our awareness to the quantum field in universal consciousness. This is our Creator and our home, where we arise from, even now in the empirical world. It is the source of our consciousness life force, which constantly flows into us. If we can recognize our source energy somewhere in our consciousness, we can be there. It is our journey into light. Here there are no limits to Being. Every frequency is possible. We can choose whatever vibration we want to participate in. We just adjust our emotions and imagination to that level of vibration and live there for a while. Our real or imaginary inner experience will express the resonant frequencies reflected back to us.

These experiences are available to us in many dimensions, once we break free from our current hypnotic trance. We can stop pretending that we’re just traditional humans, as we can project ourselves into cosmic awareness. We are sovereign multi-dimensional beings expressing ourselves as our personal energy signatures in whatever dimension we feel attracted to. We’re here now to awaken from our human amnesia to who we are and be guided by our inner knowing.

When we are aware of the quantum field and our relationship to it, we can be powerfully creative. Our being arises out of the quantum field of all potentialities. This field is the Being of everything and everyone throughout the cosmos. This is where every frequency pattern that we have modulated is brought into manifestation in our experience.

Spirituality and quantum energetics have become siblings. Both agree that consciousness is the essence of everything. Spirituality provides an understanding of consciousness, and quantum energetics provides understanding of the workings of the quantum field.

In our current spectrum of frequencies, physical death is a movement from one dimension to another. In the non-physical dimension everything is more subtle. Limitless potential is more prominent, but still subject to one’s self-imposed blocks to awareness. We’re the same consciousness, but more expanded and without human amnesia, than what we had projected into the body. If death is a conscious, heart-aligned movement, we can return to our true essence in multi-dimensionality, free of all limitations.

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