Understanding Our Virtual-Reality Empirical World

Since quantum physicists have shown that consciousness is the source of everything, cognitive scientists have begun to analyze our interface with the physical world and to understand how we perceive what we believe is real. Because our perceptions are subjective, scientists look to mathematics for understanding, because math is objective and indisputable. It is assisted by our understanding that everything is a fractal of its inherent design.

Nothing is solid. Everything that stimulates our senses is spinning patterns of electromagnetic energy waves held in form by Source consciousness, which we participate in, as fractals of Source consciousness. We have the ability to interface with the energetic patterns that we perceive as real. Our consciousness has no inherent limits. It is only our vibratory state of being that limits our awareness, and we have absolute control of this through our chosen focus of attention and the beliefs that we accept about ourselves.

Through the polarity and vibratory frequency of our state of being, we create the quality of our experiences. All of our experiences happen within our own consciousness. There is nothing outside of our own eternal Being. We envelope the entire cosmos of all electromagnetic energy in many different patterns and potentials. Each of us is a portion of Source consciousness, all being part of the same Being, and each having free will to determine our own quality of experience.

Through our focus on the thoughts and emotions that we entertain, we create the nature of our interface with the quantum field that we consciously inhabit. Thoughts and emotions are not part of our nature, but we become aware of them through our focus of attention and can experience them as our own. They exist in the plasma field of our environment. In every moment we have the choice of what we wish to be aware of, think about and feel.

Because we are part of the human community, we share our conscious interface with other humans, and we also have our own unique experiences. The quality of what we experience is not dependent upon others or our environment, only upon our own focus of attention. Circumstances arrange themselves according to our own perspective, because we are energy modulators. This is the essence of our creative Being.

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