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Understanding Our Situation

We live in a realm that is not supported by the life force of the universal consciousness of the Creator. Our empirical world is constantly created by the conscious recognition of all humans. It is imbued with low-frequency energy patterns of negative polarity. These energetics are life-diminishing, and we can feel this. There is always a tinge of fear, which is not part of our natural state of being. In our essence, we are eternal personal awareness. Fear is impossible, because through our alignment with the resonant vibrations of universal consciousness, we absolutely know that we are our eternal conscious awareness and cannot be threatened. We can be present anywhere we envision.

The entire empirical world has an energy signature, a spectrum that it vibrates within. This spectrum of energy patterns is interpreted by our consciousness as our reality. This is one of the conditions that, prior to our incarnation, we agreed to experience. Our focus on the energy patterns brings them into material form. A photon has an energetic identity, and when we recognize it, it becomes visible light. This is the power of our ability to observe. Observation of energetic patterns results in their changing into our experiences. Subconsciously we expect this to occur. It is the process of creation by envisioning, either through experience or imagination, and feeling ourselves living within the energy spectrum of our thought patterns and emotions. By our recognition and focus on these energetic patterns, within the limits of our expectations and beliefs, we send those vibratory patterns into the quantum field, where they attract compatible energies. When we recognize these, they immediately become our empirical experiences. All of the energies outside of our focus of attention are not changed.

Other dimensions of energetic patterns interpenetrate our realm, and we can become aware of them by raising our vibrations with positive polarity. In our empirical experience, the negative and the positive interpenetrate, and we can choose which one we will adopt as our perspective. In every moment our vibrations attract compatible qualities of experiences.

When we open our awareness to higher realms, we no longer need our beliefs and expectations. When we vibrate on the level of gratitude and love, in alignment with the consciousness of the Creator, we are naturally provided for in abundant ways. Once we can open our awareness to the guidance of our intuition, we begin to participate in universal consciousness. Through our conscious life force in the heart of our Being, we can feel our connection with all naturally-conscious beings and entities.

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