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Understanding Our Beliefs

Living in the world of human experience without higher guidance prompts our acquisition of beliefs that we learn in our interface with others. We allow them to tell us who we are, how we appear, what we are allowed to do and think. These are all limitations on our realizations about life. This is a world of ego consciousness, which we constantly create in our attempts to avoid threats to our diminishment or termination. The ego is an artificial self that lives without a conscious connection to the Source of all Being. The ego believes it is a completely separate being in an empirical world where encounters and events transpire. The ego must figure things out, make plans and take precautions to ensure existence. Egos seek comfort with families and friends, whom we trust, and which we may feel enable us to extend our presence in memory and influence beyond our limited lifetime.

In each moment we choose the focus of our attention and our perspective. If we focus on low-vibratory experiences from a perspective of fear, we are consciously aligned with that energy and we attract experiences that stimulate fear in us. If we choose to focus on experiences that are fulfilling for all, we attract experiences of fulfillment in our lives. In the quantum field we magnetically attract energetic patterns that resonate in alignment with our own. These become our experiences, and we will choose the perspective from which we encounter each of them. Our vibrations in these encounters create the energetic patterns that are reflected back to us as experiences in the world. Within our own consciousness we are constantly creating the qualities of our lives by projecting our life force through our imaginings, feelings, words and actions.

All limiting beliefs fall away from our awareness, once we open ourselves to the energy of the heart of our Being, where we can feel and know the quality of our life force. Symbolized by our heart, this energy constantly streams into us from our Creator’s consciousness. It is our consciousness, and it is everywhere always creating everything. It is also nowhere or now here. In our essence we are our clear, present unlimited awareness, and we can align with the rising vibrations of Gaia, our Earth Spirit. These are all life-enhancing energies of love vibrations and are the vibratory frequencies that align with our expanding awareness of a higher quality of life. It is into the spectrum of gratitude, love, joy, compassion and forgiveness, that we are being drawn, if we are open to it.

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