Understanding Jesus

Jesus told us that we could do everything that he did and more. Either no one believes that, or we have not properly understood what he meant. Let’s look from his perspective. He was a Self-Realized person. He knew his eternal essence of Being and his multi-dimensionality. He lived constantly in high-vibratory frequencies of emotions and thoughts, even when confronted with powerful threats to his humanness. In that level of Being, there can be no sacrifice, because he was the master of all reality and in full control of his unlimited creative ability. He said that we are like him. He meant that we are all fractals of the Prime Creator. The difference for us is that he knew all this and could modulate the energies of the empirical world. By definition we have the same abilities, except that we limit our awareness of them.

Jesus vibrated as a human being in a higher dimension of frequencies. He established that frequency level for us. We are of the same essence of Being. We have eternal presence of awareness. Our conscious awareness cannot be terminated. If we mostly hold our attention toward higher vibrations in each moment, we will keep expanding through our limitations. Intuitively we know that we are eternal. This is what having a positive electromagnetic polarity with high-frequency energy patterns offers us. In the current world of humanity, nearly everyone has a negative polarity. Humans believe in termination of conscious being.

Making the shift to the positive polarity of love and joy is a leap in consciousness. Yet this is what our intuition is directing us to do. We can feel it and know it, if we want to. We can drift back and forth, but once we truly experience high-vibration living, we can no longer be seriously engaged in the drama of human life.

We can be the masters of every situation by understanding our connection with universal consciousness. We can be aware of many different arrangements of circumstances in each moment and can choose the one we want to experience. This may be what Jesus meant. The Bible just leaves out the part about Jesus’ level of conscious awareness.

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