Understanding Death

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

In what sense is death of the physical body significant? Is it worthy of mourning or celebrating? It is like going on a journey from which we do not return in human form. Those of us who have had experiences out of the body in deep meditation, near-death events, and powerful phychotropics have found awareness beyond the physical realm. We have traveled to loved ones in distant lands and even to other planets. Being in a coma does not mean that one is unconscious. Many who were comatose and came back report experiencing such events.

At physical death, our energy signature doesn’t change, and we enter into a new pattern of world energy that we must adjust to. The quality of the experience begins with our own energy signature, as we awaken to a clearer understanding of self-identity. This understanding is less limited by all of the pain and fears left in the body.

In traditional mystery schools, initiates had to face their physical death and at that moment rise into a higher dimension of consciousness or go through the death transition. Many died. The way out of certain death is to feel your deepest heart energy—the energy of unconditional love and joy, self-empowerment and mastery. Alignment with our natural heart energy in complete focus is our transformational experience that carries us into a higher dimension of living. It is a way into enlightened self-transformation through complete identification with the higher Self. It is knowing the consciousness of the Creator. It is our consciousness without personal limitations.

Many are able to access this energy now, and many more are creating the intention to do so. This is transforming the energy signature of humanity and making it easy for all who are awakening to our true selves to experience this dimension of being.

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