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Understanding and Transcending Our Human Experiences

The Creator of all wishes to create forever, and the life force of the Creator flows to us constantly with the conscious expression of electromagnetic wave patterns, some of which we can perceive and modify as our empirical world. Wishing to expand unlimited consciousness, the Creator imagines us into existence, as extensions of universal consciousness individualized as personal awareness. We are fractals of universal consciousness, able to realize ourselves as infinitely powerful creators with eternally present awareness. Our presence as humans is a small game for us.

All of our experiences here are important. We have become aware of a wide range of duality (positive and negative energies) and vibratory levels, especially negative ones, in a very dense energetic environment, making our experiences intense. Many of these are unique in universal consciousness. They are our mental and emotional transmissions for others to learn from. Throughout the eons, it has taken great courage for us to be here, and we got stuck in the realm of limited consciousness.

When we decide to expand our awareness beyond anything we have known as humans, because we suspect that there’s more out there, or rather, deep within ourselves, every experience becomes symbolic of our personal limitations and guidance to the truth of our consciousness. We can be perceptive mentally and emotionally in our constant present awareness. Through our presence of awareness, we can imagine ourselves in a realm of love and joy that actually exists for us. Once we no longer align with fear, we can open ourselves to a higher state of Being and a transformational life.

Without tension, our adrenals become available for greater creative energy in our physical form. We can open ourselves to a greater flow of life force and align with the resonance of Gaia, Spirit of the Earth. By imagining ourselves in a state of quiet ecstasy, we elevate our vibrations in a positive way. By being in this state as much as possible, we eventually transform our entire lives into experiences of gratitude, joy and freedom. We can move between dimensions and remove ourselves from negative polarity, which then does not impinge upon us. Our participation in any dimension requires our consent. We need to open ourselves to it.

If we wish to live in a more desirable dimension, we can be positive and grateful in every way as much as possible in any situation. On an energetic level, we are the creators of our experiences, especially the emotional quality and sometimes the forms as well. We can remember and feel our eternal present awareness, which cannot be threatened or intimidated. Our true awareness encompasses the consciousness of the Creator and includes everything that is the Creator. In our true Self, we are the Creator, fractalized as our personal Selves. We can create universes and more, not in our human-ego compartmentalized consciousness, but in our true, expanded Self.

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