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Two Paths for Humanity

While the vibratory energy of the Earth continues to rise, as measured by the Shumann Resonance graph, its effects upon humanity and all life forms that inhabit our planet are becoming felt and perceived by those who are seeking awareness. There is a clear division of life paths being offered. Rising frequencies in all areas of life and being stimulate higher-frequency feelings and thoughts in us. We can feel this most when immersing ourselves in places of natural beauty undisturbed by humanity as much as possible. Old-growth forests, deep canyons with wild rivers, waterfalls, high mountains and tropical seas all have a powerful radiance of Gaia’s spiritual presence. Here we can more easily align with the energy of our loving planetary Being. We are being carried into lives of joy and beauty beyond the low vibratory influences of the chaotic and tyrannical world of humanity’s current experience.

The energy of Gaia is increasingly brilliant and filled with vitality and beauty. Gaia is regenerating her physical body. It has already happened in the quantum field, and is beginning to manifest in the material realm. We can contribute to this manifestation in our personal experience by intentionally maintaining a perspective in the spectrum of elevated vibrations of compassion, serenity, delight, love and abundance. As we increase our mental and emotional vibrations for sustained periods of time, we attract fewer encounters with low-vibration experiences, until we become invisible to their intrusions. This is how we transform our lives to align with the rising resonance of the Earth.

Humanity cannot maintain a perspective that is out of alignment with the vibrations of the Earth. Gaia is a very high-vibration Being and is much more powerful, requiring all discordant and anomalous frequencies in her presence to come into alignment or become unstable and dissolve into unmanifested energy in the quantum field.

As Gaia continues to rise in resonant frequencies, the persons who are refusing to come into alignment, because they’re attached to low-vibration, fear-inducing situations and beliefs, are becoming unstable mentally and emotionally. They recognize their approaching mortality and are desperate and dangerous. Most of the world leaders fall into this group.

We do not need to participate in low-frequency situations. Because everything in our experience is a manifestation of energetic frequencies, the way to change our situation is to change the vibrations in our own energy field. Our natural essence of Being has unlimited creative power for our experiences, but our false beliefs about ourselves keep us from realizing this. All of these beliefs arise as a result of our fear of suffering and death. In the spectrum of the rising vibrations of Earth, there is no suffering, and we recognize our eternal self-aware presence of Being.

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