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Transforming Ourselves and Our World

For centuries we have had to struggle for survival, controlled by demonic forces that used our life force for their own power. They tricked us into giving them our conscious life force through the fear that they engendered in us. Those times are ending. They have already ended in the consciousness that creates everything. As we begin to realize the change in the energetics of our planet and society, to freedom and abundance, we can more easily be aware of the constraints we have lived under and can open ourselves to the light of our true essence, the magnificence of our greater Self.

Stimulated and inspired by the higher-dimensional energies of life that are enveloping us, we are entering a new era in human history. We have the opportunity of moving beyond the denigration of the past and into a world of beauty and fulfillment. In order to make this transition, we must change our perspective and resolve our limiting beliefs about ourselves. We must realize more of who we really are. The game of consciousness that we have been playing with ourselves depends upon our recognition and alignment with its energetics.

By allowing our awareness to drift beyond body-consciousness in our visions and meditations, we can open ourselves to our eternal presence of awareness. We can change everything with our own realization. We can choose to be intentional in every moment and to align our thoughts and emotions with the high vibrations of compassion and love, regardless of what we would otherwise negatively react to. Without alignment with fear and negativity, we are left with confidence in our creative ability. We can come to realize that fear is not part of our nature. It is self-created by belief in our conscious demise. If we carefully penetrate this belief, it becomes clear that we set our own limitations. Our conscious awareness is infinite, as is our constant creative ability.

As the energetics of life-enhancement are enveloping us, those who are aligned with negativity are becoming unstable, as their vibratory frequency encounters continuing interference, which has not happened in the past. In alignment with the energies of life creation, we can find within ourselves all the guidance we need to make the transformation into a world of joy and fulfillment. We have to resolve and release all negativity from our acceptance and alignment, changing our attention to the way we truly want to be in every moment. With intentional practice, we can all do this. As we each change our personal world of experience, we influence all of humanity. Because we have quantum consciousness, we can inspire everyone to enjoy transformative experiences.

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