Transforming Ourselves

We all have free will to decide how we want to think about anything and how we want to feel. We also receive energy that is projected at us, at our presence, and this elicits thoughts and emotions in us. We immediately recognize the level of vibrations of this energy by images and feelings. As soon as we recognize the nature of the stimulating energy, we can direct the energy with our thoughts and feelings. We don’t have to react to low vibrations on their own level. They cannot invade our consciousness without our acknowledgement. We have the ability to change the energy into alignment with our own resonance, so that we can stay on a higher path. This process requires our intention.

We can seek understanding of the needs of the senders of energy patterns that we receive. We are sovereign beings and can control the patterns of energy expressing themselves in our presence. By responding in compassion to low-frequency vibrations, we elevate the energy patterns. If we allow ourselves to react emotionally to negative energy, we will likely be in the grip of fear. This is where we need our intention to understand and act emotionally creatively in compassion. When we receive high-vibrational energy directed at us, we immediately recognize it and can align with it. We feel compatible with it. It’s attractive to us and resonates with our energy signature, the expression of our being.

By intending to be in a state of compassionate understanding in every situation, we involve our intuition and our emotions. Our intuition tells us what we need to know, and our heart prompts us with the most creative feeling. This happens immediately and simultaneously. Our transformation is intuitive and heart-centered energy alignment. This is our natural way of being, apart from any internal misrepresentations, which we can deal with, in the same way as we do incoming energies. We understand our deep needs with compassion and love for our true Being.

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