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Transforming Our Relationships

We have relationships with everyone and everything we recognize. What is the nature of a relationship? It is an exchange of energy vibrations by the beings who recognize each other. We live within an energy spectrum or dimension that is held in conscious awareness by all of humanity. Every human on Earth participates in this energy and interacts with its wave patterns and amplitudes.

As we become aware of higher frequency emotions and let them draw us into greater joy, we attract relationships of trust, kindness and gratitude. We also radiate this energy from our energy signatures. As more and more of us open our awareness to greater love and joy, we transform the consciousness of humanity, as we all rise into a higher spectrum of greater joy. What is most important is that we feel high-frequency emotions and recognize them. This is the key to greater awareness, and this is where our perspective is going. Although we influence, through our energy signature, everything we recognize, we can have an even greater impact when we want to create something specific, through an intentional projection of energy, in which we use our creative imagination and emotions.

Every form of electromagnetic energy exists in the quantum field of all potentialities. As we observe energy patterns, they become empirical for us. When we stop recognizing them, they return to being energy patterns in the quantum field.

By recognizing these energies, we draw them into our experiences. If we are willing to realize unconditional love in our being, we become aware that we are infinitely powerful creators of whatever we can imagine and feel good about. We fill our lives with beauty and abundance, which we share with all. Constantly we modulate the energies around us with our energy signature and our intentions and feelings. Our intuition is clear for any interaction, which is loving and joyous.

In every area of our lives, we can live in deepest love, gratitude and joy, including our relationships with all of the things in our lives and our possessions, including money. Money is currency—it’s designed to flow. We enhance everything we recognize with the vibration of our perspective. This is how our attention is creative in modulating the energy patterns we recognize.

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