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Transforming Our Lives

In becoming aware of our serene presence of Being, just being in awareness, we can receive the inner guidance that most benefits us in every moment. We do not need guidance from anyone outside of ourselves. We have a direct connection to the consciousness of the Creator of universes. We receive our conscious, unconditionally loving life force flowing through our heart constantly. The only way that we can be in need of anything or fearful for our lives is by our own self-imposed limitations. We do not need anything from anyone outside of ourselves, because our essence is being infinitely powerful Creator of everything. We share the consciousness of our Creator. It is who we are.

As humans on this planet, we have incarnated without knowing who we are. We have been taught since infancy that we are limited in every way and are dependent upon others for the fulfillment of all of our needs. Our religions have taught us to pray to a God that is separate from us. We have been forced to work for others in order to survive and to pay taxes to our governments, which then deprive us of freedom. All of this is a great contrast to our true Being and creates a difficult situation for anyone who is on the inner journey to awakening.

Those of us who are on a spiritual path have already decided to awaken, and now we face many obstacles to our confidence and experience. We wonder if we really are the creators of our lives, because we still face all the complexities and challenges of human life, both inner and outer.

Quantum physicists and quantum psychologists can offer some substance to knowing about ourselves. It has been proved that when we intentionally observe and recognize sub-atomic electromagnetic energy patterns, these wave patterns immediately become the material particles that we anticipate. There is an interaction between human recognition and energetic waves in the quantum field. There is no doubt about this. Science has discovered the link between intentional observation and energy modulation that results in materialization. This implies that there is intelligence involved in this process. Science has not yet discovered the emotional process of creation, but once we have opened ourselves to our intuitive knowing, we realize that our emotions are intimately involved.

Our bodies are not wired to be able to perceive sub-atomic particles or feel their presence. We have designed technology to observe them, but we don’t have emotional technology to encounter and report to us the feelings of photons or electrons. We need masses of sub-atomic particles to reach our human threshold of recognition.

The implications are that our creative ability consists of thought and emotion. Our thoughts determine the patterns of vibrations that we create, and our emotions provide the frequency and intensity, the wave amplitude, of how we feel. In our creations, there is no difference between what we imagine and what we physically experience. As long as we align with the frequency wave patterns of our current situation in life, our circumstances will not change. We just keep recreating them. Only when we understand them from a high-frequency perspective, can we believe that we have truly creative ability. Then we can transform our lives.

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