Transforming Our Limitations

The only power that constrains us within the vibratory spectrum of humanity is self-imposed. Our limitations are concealed deep in our subconscious. We designed the world we live in to be as convincingly real as possible, which means that we did not intend to be able to transform our situation, unless we have a powerful intention or are soul wanderers and have experienced life beyond the spectrum of humanity’s manifestation. The only way to know what’s beyond our human limitations is to recognize what is beyond our current recognition. This may prompt us to search our consciousness with emotional awareness.

If we can convincingly imagine just being present in the unlimited quantum field of all potentialities, we can realize universal consciousness, which we participate in. Everything we perceive is a reflection of our own consciousness, which we choose to pay attention to. Our mental and emotional focus radiates the vibratory pattern of our state of being into the vacuum fluctuation of the quantum field, where it attracts resonant energy patterns that become our experiences.

As we become aware of our abilities to create our lives, we can take ourselves into extraordinary experiences. High-vibration energy always is of love and joy, compassion and gratitude. These are the energies of our essential being. While we are intentionally experiencing this perspective, we can confront our false beliefs with compassionate understanding and resolve them.

When we have resolved and relinquished all limitations, all false beliefs about ourselves, which have been necessary for the reality of our human experience, we become receptive to higher-vibrational insights and experiences, which come with the life force that flows through the energy of our heart. This is the source of our higher guidance, which we can rely on for the truth of everything, once we train ourselves to be alert to it.

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