Transforming Our Energetic Knots

We have energetic knots that must be brought into resonance with our higher Self. These are blocks in our consciousness that originated from a perspective of dramatic vulnerability and deep fear. They are a result of psychological warfare against us, and they are deeply embedded in our psyche. All of them are now inappropriate. We have a new perspective of absolute personal sovereignty and deepest love. We know our Presence. We are eternal and cannot be threatened or terminated in any way.

As our blemishes appear in our daily lives, we can learn to accept them and thank them for pointing out to us some aspect of our energy signature that needs attention. We can forgive ourselves for hiding this darkness in our being, thinking that it was too terrible for us to be aware of. We can love ourselves, knowing that we did the best we could without higher guidance. We didn’t know there is such a thing. In this way we can resolve all of the discordant energy that we’re holding onto. It’s all a reflection of the quality of what we expressed with our energy signature, including everything we feel attracted to as well as what we feel antipathy toward.

We are living in a projection of emotional and mental energy, and we are experiencing the essence and interactions of frequencies. By intentionally questioning any limitations that we are stuck with, we can recognize where are our disharmonies lie, and then we can penetrate them for resolution and resonation by aligning with our high-vibrational emotions.

Higher-frequency energy is not intrusive. We have to ask our higher Selves for an experience of it. We can ask to feel and know unconditional love. This is how we can expand our awareness, we can all do this. Eventually there are no more blemishes, and our radiance is bright.

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