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Transforming Negative, Fearful Situations

Incarnation on this planet as humans has given us the opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of embodiment as well as learning to rise to the challenge of being stuck in fear, suffering and pain. The challenge is learning how to extract ourselves from negative polarity in our thoughts and emotions and then remain free to experience only the vibratory level love and joy. Every moment offers us a choice of how we want to experience it. The more proficient we become at choosing the positive perspective, the more dramatic our challenges can become, until we finally arrive at mastery of ourselves.

As humans, we have accepted, and imposed upon ourselves, beliefs about our limitations. We no longer need these, once we decide to embark on the inner journey to knowing our true Self. When we are aware of a limitation, we can resolve it through acceptance and forgiveness of ourselves for this intentional imposition on our consciousness. We can love ourselves for wanting to expand our understanding and compassion through negative, life-diminishing experiences that seem real.

We have the opportunity of encountering our challenges in many ways. Some of us learn to toughen ourselves to be able to fight and endure extreme pain without breaking our focus. This approach teaches mastery of the focus of our attention, but it does not leave the realm of the negative. Some of us learn to meditate deeply or use psychotropic substances enough to transcend the awareness limited to the physical body. We may travel in the astral realm, and here we can meet beings much more powerful and fearful than in the physical world, if we are still focused with a negative polarity. The quality of what we recognize and encounter with our focus, becomes manifest in our experience.

Ultimately we can learn to focus only on what we prefer. We can be aware of a great spectrum of energies, and we can choose which ones we will engage with and align with. When we consistently choose to understand life through a perspective based on a positive polarity with high-frequency emotions and thoughts, we transform our ongoing situations into experiences of freedom and joy. We develop the ability to focus on life-enhancing situations and outcomes and to withdraw our life force from all negative, life-diminishing energies and beings. We can choose to disengage with them in our focus, or we can encounter them while maintaining a positive, high-vibratory perspective. This process requires intentional practice and determination. It can enable us to live in the universal consciousness of the Creator of all, which is our natural state of Being, and in which we eternally exist beyond the body.

Once we have resolved all of our self-imposed limitations to our conscious awareness, we can open ourselves to our eternal presence of awareness at any time, while also being aware of our awareness in the body.

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