Transforming Life on Earth

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

We are the masters of life here. We are the ones creating all of our experiences. No one outside of our own consciousness has any power over us. Our disempowering experiences are all a result of the expectations and beliefs that we use to give our power away. By taking on fear for survival and feelings of victimhood and poverty, as well as anger and dissent, we disempower ourselves by creating what we do not want. But this is why we’re experiencing these conditions, so that we can learn how to work with the energies in our being. We are entrepreneurs in the adventure of living in a contrived Matrix of energies. We are experimenting and challenging ourselves to find out how everything works.

Eventually we learn that nothing outside of our own presence of being has any power over us. We express ourselves through our energy signature. We can live in our aura, in a high vibratory state of being, inaccessible to low-vibration energies. Our magnetic polarity repels them. They are not present for us. They have no reality, except what we give them. They are energy patterns that flow past us without interference.

It is our choice in every moment to focus upon and feel any imaginable energy patterns that we choose and the consciousness that supports them. This focus expresses the quality of creative energy that we align ourselves with. It is this vibratory pattern that attracts other vibratory patterns that resonate with it and repels those that don’t. These activities and interactions of energy patterns have been intuitive for us, but they have been recognized as mysterious. They are actually clear in quantum physics.

The only transforming we need to do is within ourselves. Our experiences will resonate with the vibratory patterns we focus upon. Our entire perceived environment resonates with our own energy signature. We can accept our entire environmental experiences from a creative perspective. They are projections of our own conscious awareness. We can play with the vibrations of our intentional awareness, creating new and wonderful scenarios. As we experience these scenarios, we learn to recognize how everything feels, and we can direct our emotions to the vibrations we choose.

To the extent that we include humanity in our awareness, we can stay in high vibrations emotionally and intentionally, raising the vibrations of the energy signature of humanity. We can witness everything from the perspective of compassionate wisdom. All of our interactions can begin to align with love and joy, and we can live in abundance and freedom for all in our intentional awareness. This can be our present and our future.

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