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Transforming Doubt into Trust

The essence of our Being is our awareness. It is beyond time and space and even beyond our imagination. It is eternal presence of Self-Awareness. When we are pure self-awareness, we can be aware of all of the energetic patterns that we envelope in our consciousness. We can focus on any of them and bring them into alignment with us through our power of energetic modulation with our thoughts and emotions. To be effective with our abilities, we can be confident in our eternal Being beyond the body. This we can know intuitively in the energy of our heart.

In this perspective, we can recognize that our current human experience is a projection of human consciousness. We all focus our awareness on the spectrum of energy of this dimension of existence. With our continuing focus, we maintain its existence. There are other dimensions that we can evolve into, and if we develop a strong intention to focus on that spectrum of energy, it can become real in our experience.

Developing trust in what we intuitively know is important. For this, meditation or any method of allowing ourselves to drop all concerns and plans and just be present awareness. Once we can just be present awareness, we can move beyond the body consciousness to include the etheric realm, which is imperceptible to most humans. From within its presence, we can be aware of greater light and beauty.

Intuitively we can know that, as humans, our consciousness is bound by self-imposed limits. These are our limiting beliefs that are based on fear and doubt. If we examine these energetically, we find that they are negatively polarized. By transforming the polarity to positive, we can resolve them. We can do this by intentionally focusing on alignment with the heart of our Being, the place of deepest love and greatest joy. This is our natural state of Being, when we have moved beyond fear and doubt.

To know confidently that we always have everything we need, as abundantly as we desire, and as long as we remain positive, transforms our lives in wonderful ways. We gain confidence as we learn to rely on our intuition for guidance in every moment through our emotions and symbolic encounters.

Any negative patterns in our environment can pass through our energetic field, as if we don’t exist. It’s a matter of dimensional veils. In our world of duality, we live with both positive and negative energies, and we can learn to deal with the negative ones by transforming them or letting them dissolve out of our experience into another dimension. This is how electromagnetic energy patterns interact. If there’s no alignment in resonance, there’s no encounter.

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