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Transformative Love

How is love stronger than fear and the most destructive energies? Many don’t believe this is possible, because of their own energy signature, which has been to some extent influenced by the low vibrations of darkness not of this world. Our beliefs control our experiences, not the other way around.

High-frequency vibrations do not impose themselves. They need to be invited into our consciousness, because of our free will encodement; whereas the lower vibrations feel invasive to our natural state of being. Once we change our focus to the higher vibrations, they are not interfered with by the lower vibrations, but the lower vibrations develop interference and become unstable in the presence of higher vibrations. This is the reason that love conquers all. High vibrations magnetically draw lower-vibrating vibrations into their harmony. This is why people living in poverty, enslavement and torment always prefer to be in love and peace and joy. Except for their self-imposed psychological blocks, they could imagine and feel themselves into a higher-quality experience by recognizing it.

We have already completed our Earthly lessons of preferring love over fear and are ready to be our natural selves. We intuit that we are surrounded by conscious beings of nature and the Earth. These also are projections within our own consciousness, based on our psychic interpretation of their energy signatures. To change our situation, we just have to change our own energy signature. If we want to live in love, we recognize love everywhere. We become transformative, which is the way we are designed to be.

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