Transformation through Laughter

Some of us have locked ourselves into a negative emotional state and are experiencing continuously diminishing energy, leading to depression and hopelessness. In this situation, we are closing ourselves off from realizing our inner light and the fullness of our life force. We get hypnotized by our acceptance of fear. If we can recognize that we are in this state, and that we have the choice to expand our emotional focus, we can enter into a world of positive polarity, where everything enhances life. There’s no requirement to stay in negative, life-diminishing emotional limitations. We have to feel our way into positive polarity while intending to be aware of our eternal Self.

At some point we become aware that the entire human drama is a compartmentalization of our consciousness. We’re here for the complete experience of this level of consciousness. Now we know what depression and hopelessness feel like, and it’s time to change character by becoming the way we want to be, leading to a change in polarity to positive, regardless of what our outer experience may be. We can move from the realm of fear to that of love and joy. This is a challenge for our imagination and emotional state of being.

One way of freeing ourselves from our emotional trance is to laugh. Just laugh out loud. We don’t need a reason even to feel stimulated to laugh. It doesn’t matter how we start. We can just laugh deeply and loudly and keep laughing. This stimulates us to want to laugh more, and our level of joy rises as we keep laughing. This creates infectious energy all around us and gives us a positive polarity and perspective. It’s essentially emotional shock treatment, and it feels really good.

Once we are emotionally unstuck, we can ultimately become unlimited in our awareness and creative abilities. We have been held back from our full awareness by fear, which has no essence of its own, it exists through our alignment with its energetics, parasitizing our life force for its manifestation. By emotionally changing to positive in compassion and love, we regain the life force that we had given to fear and depression. This can be a life-transforming leap in consciousness into present-moment awareness continuously. We can free ourselves from alignment with depression and all negative energies and transform our lives into the best that we can imagine.

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