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Transformation of Poverty

When humans are born into a difficult situation, such as poverty, they are trained, programed and traumatized into its low vibrations and its associated conditions of mistrust, abuse and dissatisfaction. It has been difficult for us to escape from the dominating low vibrations.

Now the resonant frequencies of Earth are rising, and the lower vibrations are finding more interference from higher vibrations produced by an awakening humanity and massive influxes of high-frequency gamma ray photons from the center of our galaxy. The resonant frequency of the galaxy is rising, along with us.

Our natural state is abundance, love, peace, beauty, compassion and joy. These are all high-vibration energies that align with divine consciousness. When we intend to align ourselves with these energies, we change our own energy signature and move into higher frequencies, which change our physical experiences to elicit feelings of goodness and joy.

All of our experiences are reflections of the energy projections of our own consciousness. The empirical world is like a computerized reality game. Everything is energy, but it appears as things that we can sense whenever we are aware of them. When we’re not aware of them, they are just patterns of energy. The emotional qualities of energies depend upon their frequencies. Higher frequencies feel good; lower frequencies feel bad.

Because we have free will, we can choose the spectrum of frequency we prefer to live in. We do this by imagining the experiences we want and with gratitude feeling ourselves in the experiences. When our imaginary scenarios become the predominant vibration of our being, they become our empirical experiences. They remain our experiences until we create another level of vibration.

Moving out of poverty and into abundance is accomplished by raising the vibrations of our energy signature. By focusing our imagination on living in the higher vibrations of abundance, gratitude, love and joy, until we believe that it is real, we transform our situation.

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