Transformation of History

As humans on this planet at this time in history, we are being drawn into the compression of time and rising resonant frequencies. Our lives and everything we have known are being upgraded to align with a more refined sense of being. This is true for us individually and for all of humanity, as well as for the Earth. Our skies are being cleansed and are returning to their natural deep blue with supportive weather patterns. The oceans are being purified of radiation. Forests are returning. Extinct species are being recognized again. All of our social and financial systems are transforming. We’re in the beginning stages of this transformation, and the changes will accelerate as we move forward into a time of greatness and celebration.

The Earth is ascending into a higher consciousness, and our galaxy is sending us massive clouds of gamma ray conscious photons to transform our DNA and elevate out consciousness. As free-will beings, we have the choice of participating in this energy of renewal and spiritual transformation on a regenerated planet or remaining in the spectrum of vibrations that has pervaded our planet for eons and continuing without interruption on another planet with the energetic patterns that the Earth has experienced for thousands of years.

Our transformation is dependent upon our opening to the truth of our Being. In our own consciousness we are being attracted to the higher vibrations of unconditional love, abundance and joy in our essential Being. This is the quality of the natural energy patterns experienced in the quantum field and expressed as our life force and expanded consciousness. We have closed ourselves off from this realization in order to live within the energy spectrum of humanity as full participants. We have locked ourselves into a low-vibration world of experience. Once we recognize an inner prompting to want a higher-vibration life of more love, we can begin to feel for higher-vibration experiences in our imagination.

When we have learned to live mostly in the realm of compassion, love and joy, we attract mostly experiences of the same quality of vibration. The rising resonance of the Earth and our cosmic environment are drawing us into lives of higher vibrations, making our path to our Self-realization more attainable. At the same time, this natural energy is destabilizing the low-frequency realm that has been humanity’s spectrum of energy. Those inhabiting the lowest-vibration lives and have lived out of sight are having to gaze into the light. They will either come into alignment with love and gratitude, or they will decompose. As the old world passes away, the new world is getting brighter and more attractive.

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